Garbage Face: Works By Joe Chamandy

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Garbage Face: Works By Joe Chamandy
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Garbage Face: Works By Joe Chamandy says
Welcome to the art show:

Originally from Montreal and really influenced by posters and design that clouds the message; calling them subvertisments. Also into the inverse idea of using ads or image based media in a way that eliminates its communicatory function.

The materials and approach of this work came about in response to moving from Sackville to Toronto and beginning to work from a dim and crusty basement apartment.

"I used raw cardboard and tape and ephemeral acid-full packing material. Its one-use utilitarianism wilts nicely for the right amount of time. mindlessly repeated motifs are my way of dealing with anxiety and help me organize space. This work is like shitty formalism. Its probably painting if it has to be something."

The drawings are all from his imagination, the collaged stuff is from ads, comics, packaging, photocopy experiments. Its kind of neon and aggressive.

i"'ve been making show posters since i started playing music, which brings me to my other point. Rapped up in all of this is a sensibility i learned through pop music."

Preformances by: The Protruders (Joe, Ilse Kramer and Rob Forward).
Show runs from April. 7th - May 5th.
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