Get School'd Workshop Series // Make A Dreamcatcher

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Get School'd Workshop Series // Make A Dreamcatcher
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Get School'd Workshop Series // Make A Dreamcatcher says
What is it all about?

Dreamcatchers are based on spider webs and it is said that some 1st Nation tribes believed that dreams float around the air. So, if you had a dreamcatcher around, it would catch the bad dreams in the web and expire when the sun touched it while the good dreams would travel through the hole in the centre and then flow down through the feather to the sleeping individual. Traditionally, dreamcatchers are put on the bedroom window.

What will we cover?

We will talk about the legend of the dreamcatcher and the various applications in Aboriginal culture. We will look at the traditional methods of making dreamcatchers and modern styles. We will cover the different patterns and materials you can use and different designs.

Who will be teaching?

Jaene Castrillon, author, activist and artist specializes in polymer clay, beading and crafts. As an ally of 1st Nations people and a dedicated follower of their teachings, Jaene enjoys learning and sharing the many teachings and crafts that have a long history on this land.
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