Ghost Detecting! Spirit Communication, Evp & Electronic Devices

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Ghost Detecting! Spirit Communication, Evp & Electronic Devices
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Ghost Detecting! Spirit Communication, Evp & Electronic Devices says
Ghost Detecting! Spirit Communication, EVP, and Electronic Devices

Join Skot Deeming, Vector Festival co-curator in exploring the nature of aetheric sound through the artistic exploration of the phenomenon of EVP (electronic voice phenomenon).

Participants will learn about the history of EVP and other electronic spiritualist techiques; through building their own Raudive Diodes, and experimenting with other methods of spirit communication, including the “GhostBox” and the “$1 Ghost Detector”.

In 1970, Jungian psychologist Konstantine Raudive invented a method for electronic communication with the spirit world. The creation of the Raudive diode led to the popularization of the use of electronic devices in spiritualist discourses and practices, and gained greater attention through science fiction and horror films.

More than simply dismissing the phenomenon as fringe-science or as auditory pareidolia (the mind's method of making sense of random patterns), artists working with aural “spirit communication” techniques use aetheric sound, and the signals that produce them, as new forms of musical instrumentation. In doing so, they position themselves not in dialogue with the dead, but with the material conditions of aural and radiophonic technologies and their larger histories.

Date: Saturday January 21st, 2017

Time: 12-4pm


$60 With Annual Studio/Workshop Pass (see below) + $15 Material Fee

$75 Regular Price + $15 Material Fee

What, if any, prerequisite knowledge should students have?

Basic soldering // electronics skills.

At the end of the workshop or series, what should a student expect to have made, or be able to make?

At the end of the workshop, students should have one operating Raudive Diode, which should enable them to use the audio device to pick up electromagnetic signals (and maybe even the voices of the departed)!

What to Bring?

Just yourself! Kits are included through the Materials fee.


Skot Deeming is an artist, curator and scholar, whose work spans the spectrum of new media art practice from broadcast media to computational art, experimental videogames, and game art. Skot is the founder and co-curator of Vector Game Art & New Media Festival, in Toronto, Canada, and currently resides in Montreal where he is a doctoral candidate in the Individualized Program at Concordia University, and a member of the Milieux Institute for Art, Culture and Technology, where he investigates critical histories of DIY computational and new media art practices, and apocryphal technology cultures.

Check out Skot's work here:
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