Integrating Second Series With Ron Reid

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Integrating Second Series With Ron Reid
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Integrating Second Series With Ron Reid says
Ashtanga's 2nd or Intermediate Series is an excellent resource for deepening or developing an advanced level practice. In this two part workshop we will explore a variation of the traditional series combining elements of 1st and 2nd into a single series. Patabhi Jois taught this modification to students who he felt would benefit from the strengthening aspect of 2nd series backbends.


Backbends provide a necessary balance to much of what we do in our daily lives. By strengthening the back and opening the front the breath also becomes balanced. Patabhi Jois called this series Nadi Sodhana for this very reason. It cleanses, balances and strengthens the "nadis" which are the energy channels in the body. We will also explore specific pranayama techniques to deepen and balance our energy both during and following each workshop.

In this workshop, using backbends from 2nd series as our template, we will explore ways of deepening in a healthy, balanced way. Knowing where to deepen and where to stabilize can make all the difference in developing a strong and healthy backbending practice.

The focus will be on the integration of this new series into or instead of our current daily practice.

Saturday 3:00 - 5:30 PM & Sunday 3:00 - 5:30 PM

PRICE: $125 + HST

Elective for DWD Advanced Teacher Training (5 Hours).
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By: Downward Dog Yoga Centre