Intro To Raspberry Pi 2!

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Intro To Raspberry Pi 2!
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Intro To Raspberry Pi 2! says
Raspberry Pi 2 is a powerful mini-computer used in many interactive works. Using the RPi2, you will learn to write code in Python, scrape data from common web sources, and use sensors and actuators with the board. What's the class project? Make your bedroom window blinds slowly open when your alarm goes off on your phone.

These workshops build upon each other. Session one involves the setup of the RPi2, while session two covers coding in Python, building external circuitry, and connecting RPi2 to various data sources on the interwebs. In the final session, students will finish their class project "kinetic alarm clock" with the guidance of the instructor.

More on RPi2 here:,,

Dates: Mondays April 11, 18, 25

Time: 7pm-10pm

Registration Fee: $135 With Annual Studio/Workshop Pass; $180 Regular Price

Material Fee: $60 (includes RPi2 board that you will take home)

What, if any, prerequisite knowledge should students have? Students should feel comfortable with whatever operating system they have on their laptop. Any experience in writing code or building simple circuits will be an asset.

What to Bring: A laptop. This workshop is Linux, Mac, and Windows friendly.

About the Instructor: Amir is a Toronto based developer of open hardware/software for design environments. He is an entrepreneur who started his first venture in developing software as a service in 2001. Amir has been a collaborator at Fishtnk Design Factory, RAD and a leading manager of Fishtnk's physical computation projects.
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