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• Isolant (fr)
in·su·late - ˈinsəˌlāt/ - verb
1.protect (something) by interposing material that prevents the loss of heat or the intrusion (or loss) of sound.

The first of a series of events based around the use of 'shapes' as a means of communication.

Guest DJ's TBA !!!


"Shapes is [an extremely simplified term used to describe] a graphic language. It's intention is/was to relay a message to those willing to look a little bit deeper... an exercise in the idea of exclusivity while remaining completely open to those interested in prying open the code. Based around a series of symbols, the code was & is still used to guide individuals to a given place & time. Originally the 'legend' was printed out and left in various places throughout Western Canadian centers, slowly gaining attention of passers by. A few events followed the introduction with a heavy focus on sound system musics and rhythm based structures. The 'language' has been deposited and taught through-out a select grouping of cultural circles. Events will come & go as fitting, continuing onward through this journey of sound and culture."

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By: Sergio Levels