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Why John Hodgman?

Because he’s a thrice published author: He’s written three critically-acclaimed satirical almanacs bursting at the seams with fibbed anecdotes, nonsensical history, and fictitious facts. Not only are these books a demonstration of Hodgman’s extensive knowledge, but an example of his signature brand of comedy that is equal parts esoteric and entertaining.

Because he was amazing on The Daily Show: Originally a guest of Jon Stewart’s while promoting a book, he subsequently became the Daily Show’s ‘resident expert’, and also contributed to the show as the unforgettable ‘deranged millionaire’.

Because he’s an official judge: Okay, maybe not official, but on his popular podcast, Judge John Hodgman, he commands the respect of one. Solving everything from the minor marital spat to dividing disagreements between friends, popular podcaster Jesse Thorne serves as mediator while John doles out the justice. All rise for Judge John Hodgman!

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