Kathleen Wynne Include Kiska In The Orca Ban

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Kathleen Wynne   Include Kiska In The Orca Ban
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Kathleen Wynne Include Kiska In The Orca Ban says
The Government of Ontario, under the leadership of Premier Kathleen Wynne recently prohibited the breeding and acquisition of orcas (killer whales) in the province.

Orcas are long-lived, wide ranging, deep diving, highly social, exceptionally intelligent marine mammals. They rank, along with elephants, great apes and humans, as one of the world’s most social creatures.

While the Ontario government’s ban on orcas was welcome, it grandfathered Kiska, Canada’s last surviving captive orca, which means she may spend the rest of her life alone at Marineland in Niagara Falls.

Despite being in captivity for the bulk of her life, Kiska still shares most, if not all, of the same biological, behavioural and social needs as her wild counterparts. The government acknowledged that orcas no longer have a place in captivity in Ontario, but they chose to leave Kiska with few prospects of a different, possibly better, life. That doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Kiska gave birth to 5 calves during her long captivity and none survived longer than 6 years. Her various tank-mates over the years have either been moved or died. Kiska faces spending the remainder of her life without the company of other orcas. Kiska deserves better.

Join us for a peaceful demonstration to urge Kathleen Wynne to revisit the marine mammal captivity issue by doing whatever is necessary to include Kiska in the orca ban.
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By: Ontario Captive Animal Watch-OCAW