M. Lamar + Clara Engel + Bryan W. Bray & Germaine Liu + Manticore

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M. Lamar + Clara Engel + Bryan W. Bray & Germaine Liu + Manticore
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M. Lamar + Clara Engel + Bryan W. Bray & Germaine Liu + Manticore says
M. LAMAR (http://www.mlamar.com)
Brooklyn based musician & preformance artist M. Lamar returns to Toronto. His music treads the haunting grey area between operatic vocal practice, gothic industrial soundscapes and forlorn piano ballads. Sparse, tortured compositions built up from the depths of the human experience, both embrace & expell a legacy of venom. Truly heavy, yet dynamic, M. Lamar's voice is percise and at times all encapsulating. Av preformance not to me missed!

CLARA ENGEL (http://claraengel.bandcamp.com/)
Toronto outsider singer/songwriter creates dark looming song structures built from drone like instrumental hums, that her voice towers over, unwavering. Rich compositions meander a questioning world, hints of hope drift through like tumble weeds. Sounds from some lost town industrial town, her vocals float across empty plains becoming one with the spirits who now inhabit that land.

Guitarist Bryan W. Bray (Gates, Cetacea) and Percussionist Germaine Liu (Picastro) preform together for the first time! Don't miss what is sure to be an interesting marriage of long form guitar work & preformative percussion techniques.

MANTICORE (https://soundcloud.com/mmmanticore)
Zoe Alexis-Abrams & David Jones touch the outer realms of alien communication with their duo Manticore. Haunting guitar tones shriek & twist as if letting go of some captive spirit. Like an unnatural wind meandering through an abandoned factory. Zoe’s voice hovers above these eerie manifestations, some times joining them in an alien chatter, almost creating a dialogue with the wayward phantoms. As captivating as it is versatile, her vocals occupy an adventurous, almost naive territory, as they stretch out their acrobatic routine in a venomous world.


All Ages
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