Magic Drafts: Aether Revolt

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Magic Drafts: Aether Revolt
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Magic Drafts: Aether Revolt says
Hey everyone, those of you interested in Magic Drafts it will be happening this upcoming Wednesday.
Sky from Dueling Grounds will be running Magic Drafts every Wednesdays starting at 7pm.
For those who don’t know what a draft is, it basically involves each person opening a pack of the given format, taking a card,
and then passing the remainder to the next person. This repeats for 2 more packs, after which point you all build decks and play.
Draft will be $15 for the night, with prize support.
We will be drafting Aether Revolt

We can do one on one or multiplayer if people desire.

Duration: Swiss pairing, with three to four rounds.
The draft will not begin until 7pm, so make sure you’re there on time, or just leave a post if you’ll be a little late.

Prizes will be based on Win/Loss record
Booster packs will be given to people with a winning record.
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By: See-Scape