Man Made Hill / Chobo / Paul Tjepkema

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Man Made Hill / Chobo / Paul Tjepkema
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Man Made Hill / Chobo / Paul Tjepkema says
Shouldn't you like to be going/interested in another evening on the town? Will you go to the rodeo? Here is one of a doozie for all forms of enjoyment, if your like for the good/nice music. Every lifeform is to be allowed here to enter into the place where the stuff goes down, stuff like:

Man Made Hill
Vaguely Druidic posteuring contest original soundtrack

Buttery sunset redemption on slickened cityscapes

Paul Tjepkema
Legal limit allowed 4 exuberance while operating a tweakmobile

please note that this a C.Y.O.A.T.R.I.C.U.A event
choose your own amount to remit in currency upon arrival.
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