Mat Brown: An Ontological History

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Mat Brown: An Ontological History
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Mat Brown: An Ontological History says
An Ontological History

Dedicated to the glory of the ever lasting 21st Century; An Ontological History is the ongoing observation of our ever changing narrative for humanity in the northern hemisphere. The work on display is divided into two parts, the precession of the equinoxes and a visual narrative of human history from the emergence of homo sapiens to the present day.

The Precession of the equinoxes is an astronomically observable phenomenon that is used to chart the passage of time through the cyclical movement of our perspective on earth relative to the constellations of stars in the night sky. Our calendar year is separated into twelve months that roughly correlate to the twelve constellations in the western zodiac, as an extension of this annual calendar the precession of the equinoxes is a way of mapping the movement of the earth's axis over the course of twenty six thousand years. This period of twenty six thousand years is the time it takes for the earth's axis to rotate in one full circle traveling in reverse order through the constellations, spending approximately two thousand years in each constellation we derive the name of the age from the constellation we inhabit. The work on display depicts each age in this cycle with the zodiac symbol and an imagined ritual punctuating the end of each age.

The visual narrative of human history is a way of making real the internally held worldview of the artist. The ever changing world view that each and every person carries around with them from day to day includes a story that reaches back forever into the beginning of time. This series of work is the continuation of Mat Browns project All Within The Circle of Willis: a human natural history, which is the visual narrative history of the earth beginning four thousand million years ago and continuing into the present. The history on display in this exhibition begins one point eight million years ago with the birth of what is often called homo sapiens and depicts an imagined narrative through our symbolic relationship with the growing technologies that shape or cultures. This work is filled with symbolic references to many of the conflicting stories that our cultures tell and that we internalize and make part of our own very personal world views. The aim of this project is one of learning, for the artist to investigate his own view and for the viewer to engage in doing the same, learning not that history is a collection of facts but rather a continuous conversation.


You are invited to please join us for the opening.

The exhibition runs until November 25th.
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By: Christopher Cutts Gallery

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