Megan Marie Gates At The 2017 Toronto Yoga Show

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Megan Marie Gates At The 2017 Toronto Yoga Show
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Megan Marie Gates At The 2017 Toronto Yoga Show says
Megan Marie Gates comes from a long-time background in theatre and dance, the fusion of creative and yogic arts guided her to deepen her love of these practices with greater sense of the Sacred;
​helping her find her voice as a spoken word poet, sound worker, meditation guide and yoga teacher. Based out of Price Edward County and Toronto, Megan brings expertise in dance, chanting and connecting through meditation tot his year's confernece in her workshops and a special YOGA RAVE event.

Friday March 31st (6 PM - 8 PM) - FR2MMG - EARTH PRAYER - Yoga is based on the rhythms and elements of nature and we see the interconnectedness of nature reflected back inside
ourselves. We will integrate an earth-flow practice, visualization meditation, prayer, vision work and conversation to learn how to stay activated by and connected to nature, even when in the midst of a city environment.

Saturday April 1st (8 AM - 10 AM) - SA1MMG - DEVOTION IN MOTION - In this workshop, we look at a brief history of movement as prayer throughout the world. We will explore these practices along with a combination of archetypal asana, sahaja (free-form) flow and other movement modalities

Saturday April 1st (3:15 PM - 5:15 PM) - SA4MMG - THE MEDICINE OF MANTRA - Mantra is a profound and practical method of self-healing and transformation. We will touch on the origins and purpose of mantra, japa (sound) and ajapa (soundless) forms of mantra practices; commonly used mantras; how to apply mantras in a practical way in our lives; how to work chanting into our movement practices; mantra meditations; and much more. Bring your mala if you have one!

Sunday April 2nd (11:30 AM- 1:30 PM) - SU2MMG - THE RESONANT BODY - We will embark on a journey of freeing our voices through the use of bija (seed) mantras, vocal toning and meditation, and work to connect our physical practices with sound to resonate even more deeply. A sweet supine meditation to the sounds of crystal singing bowls will close our work together.


Thursday March 30 (9 PM - 10:30 PM) - TH7MMG - YOGA RAVE: TROPICAL HEAT ($15 Ticket) - An ecstatic evening of movement! Inspired by tropical heat and jungle beats, your soul will light up with yoga, ecstatic dance, electronic music and, finally, deep meditation to ground it all in.Come get blissed out on a night to remember!

Note: This event is exclusively drug and alcohol free. No dance experience required.

Registration is now open! Register using the tickets link on this page.

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