Million Mask March Toronto 2015

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Million Mask March Toronto 2015
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The event creator says
Queen's Park, in front of the legislation building.

Mission statement: " To remind this world what it has forgotten, That fairness, justice, and freedom are more than just words" Please share this event with everyone you know Peaceful march to meet and greet like minded individuals. Please feel totally free to invite any and all of your friends. Absolutely no violence will be tolerated. Please be respectful as there may be children present and or in the area no drugs, no alcohol out of respect for the kids. there are quite a few things on the list of " topics " for this event, this will include but not limited to Government ( this is a big gray area ) Reform Education Pharmaceutical companies pushing meds War Constitutional rights Freedom Unity Drug abuse Respect for all of mankind Corruption Food - GMO's , Nutrition and health Children Violence worldwide Waking the people there many more things , too many to list. but just to name a few.


- An immediate Ban to Geo-engineering projects in Canada
- An immediate and across the board end to GMO use in Canada.
- Nation-wide ban on chemical pesticides proven to be harmful to humans as well as bee populations.
- A moratorium on the Tar Sands project until such time as the environmental impact of tailing pond damage can be assessed, cleaned up, victims compensated and the surrounding environment completely restored to the conditions that existed prior to the project.
- That the federal government immediately make good on ALL treaties signed with Native Bands and all First Nations and that the Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs be jointly run by government employees and Aboriginals.
- Immediate seizure of ALL off
-shore tax-haven accounts and monies owned by Canadian nationals followed by swift and immediate prosecution for any and all tax-related crimes.
- The establishment of a citizen based oversight committee that ensures CSIS respects the privacy rights of Canadian citizens
- Nationalization of Canada's resources (they belong to us, the Canadian people and Aboriginals, NOT the Globalists)
- An immediate end to the operation of U.S. law enforcement agencies in Canada
We are a family
We are anonymous
We are legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us
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