Nite Comfort 38 Urm, Johan Seaton

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Nite Comfort 38   Urm, Johan Seaton
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Nite Comfort 38 Urm, Johan Seaton says
This episode of the Nite is an exercise in contrasts. Dreamlike states. Instability. Complexity. Minimalism.

URM is the solo project of Jamie Todd, a Toronto based Canadian electronic artist who is also currently an active member in the dreamSTATE, SADU and NOiNO ambient and experimental music projects. Jamie first became entangled in the wires of electronic music in 1983 as a founding member of the new wave synth pop project Modern Times (MX) and soon after in 1986 began plugging in with Canadian synthesizer pioneers Radio Silence.
Around the century's turn, Jamie's studio began to evolve from a few hardware synthesizers, effect units and piles of wires
to include a bounty of software based synths, effects and virtual wires so recordings began to pile up and URM was born.
Jamie and long time electronic music collaborator Scott M2 (MX, Radio Silence and dreamSTATE) have been
producing and curating Toronto's THE AMBiENT PiNG concert series since 2000.

Johan Seaton:

The new noise annhilator debuts his new A/V work 'liminal/offset' - A series of systematic and unstable digital compositions on the constant verge of collapse.
Johan uses a deceptively minimal pallette to create an open ended series of structures malleable to performance and abstraction for this new project.
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