Nnto: Eyeballs, Mushrooms, And Animatronics

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Nnto: Eyeballs, Mushrooms, And Animatronics
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Nnto: Eyeballs, Mushrooms, And Animatronics says
Doors at 7:00, start at 7:30.

Presentation 1: "Through a New Lens: Life with a prosthetic eye" by Jenny Roger

At 36 years old, Jenny had an eye removed due to a rare cancer in her iris. She will talk about what it's like to be fitted with a prosthetic eye, and managing work and a family while adjusting to monocular vision. She'll also talk about the combination of technology and artistry that goes into making eye prosthetics.

Jenny Roger is a retired preschool instructor. She's embraced retirement by turning into a Toronto food blogger. You can follow her work at icecreamandknishes.tumblr.com and @Jenny_Roger.


Presentation 2: “Mushrooms & Video Games” by Michael Warnock

If video games offer a chance to escape the confines of the real world, then it seems only natural that mushrooms might find their way into that fantastic journey. From the Super Mushroom in “Super Mario Brothers” (1985) to more recent titles like “Mushroom Men: Rise of the Fungi” (2008) and “The Last of Us” (2013), mushrooms and video games have developed a relationship that delivers some unforgettable adventures. You might even learn a thing or two about mycology while you play!

Michael Warnock enjoys spending his weekends in the forest looking for mushrooms, his weekdays looking at all the moulds and fungi that rot our homes and offices, and his evenings (after his wife and baby are sound asleep) on his PC or Playstation killing zombies and saving the world from imminent destruction.


Presentation 3: "Animatronics: A Dying Art” by Erez Bowers

From children’s birthday parties to oscar winning films, animatronics are everywhere! Get ready to hear how it all began back in 1220 right up to present day. Test your skills at recognizing some familiar faceless faces. Dive into the life and death journey of a beloved animatronic head. Discover some of the world record holders and stick around to the end, where the name of animatronics murderer will be revealed!

Erez Bowers is currently working as a grade 5 teacher in the TDSB. He has a wide ranging background in theatre and film. Despite having absolutely no background in the field of animatronics, his love of the arts along with his passion for costuming sparked an early interest. As of late, his wife and their 3 cats have grown tired of hearing him go on and on about animatronics, so he was forced to find a new audience.


Note: There will be NO TRIVIA at the April Nerd Nite. We're having tons of awesome presentations instead.
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By: Nerd Nite Toronto

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