Rampue Live + Mira (Katerblau) By Bespoke Experience & Friends

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Rampue Live + Mira (Katerblau) By Bespoke Experience & Friends
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Rampue Live + Mira (Katerblau) By Bespoke Experience & Friends says
Bespoke Experience & friends present...

MIRA (Katerblau, Berlin)

Opening set by Thomas Cardin!

"Oh my gosh! That‘s his sound now?“ That‘s pretty much the reaction when someone hears Rampue's "Sonne, Park und Sterni“ for the first time - it‘s a hit. Frankly, yes, Audiolith, Rampue it all used to be different. The boy went through a lot because he was searching. And you don‘t have to ask him, you hear it, he has found his new style. Rampue's sound - to the first impression - arrived where he is living right now. The sound of Berlin during the snuggly Summer. But if you listen again, while dancing to one of his live sets, something in you happens, something one wants to achieve on the dancefloor: You have to close your eyes, a tiny moan escapes the lips. Now you can decide whether you want to dance or to further listen to what Rampue is creating and nesting between soul vocals, bassy basslines and accurate high hat placement. One could now also mention references to avoid labeling a genre, but honestly, Rampue is more than Keta-Disco and Disco-House. He will keep on searching and one would not want to miss one more step of this search.

Mira is by no means a newcomer. For 10 years Mira influenced the east-german techno scene before establishing her musical home in Berlin's legendary Bar25, Kater Holzig and now Katerblau. From her time in Berlin she has shaped her own unique sound reminiscent of endless nights full of wonder and intensity.
Bar25 was the place for Mira to first cross paths with Chris Schwarzwalder, NU and Jo Ke, resulting in lifelong friendships, creative musical exchanges, collaborations and output.
Anyone who has experienced her endless sets already understands why Berlin so holds in such high regard the particular sound created by her. A soulful, mesmerizing sound that sinks under your skin and leaves you with a feeling of deep warm-heartedness.
All of her styles and sounds can not only be discovered live behind the decks, but are available on vinyl and digital releases from the Katermukke and URSL labels as well.

now or never: $25 (50)
tier 2: $30 (200)
final release: $35 (100)

ticket link: https://rampue.eventbrite.ca

Presented by Bespoke.Experience, SILO, all day all night
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By: Bespoke.Experience

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