Robots Vs. Unicorns: "Mad Max: Fury Road" Black & Chrome Edition

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Robots Vs. Unicorns: "Mad Max: Fury Road" Black & Chrome Edition
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Robots Vs. Unicorns: "Mad Max: Fury Road" Black & Chrome Edition says

7:30 pm - Pre-show
8:00 pm - Feature starts!

“But overall, for me, it’s the best version of the movie. It’d be interesting to see if you agree.” -George Miller

The latest sequel to the MAD MAX franchise "Fury Road" captivated audiences in 2015 when it hit the big screens, taking the soul of the original trilogy and then upping the ante to a clinically insane degree. We got more car chases with bigger, supped up vehicles, a barren Australian hellscape, and most importantly, the scariest bad-guy yet in the series, Immortan Joe - a petrifying tyrannical ruler hell-bent on total control. "Fury Road" follows our post-apolcalyptic cowboy Max Rockatansky, after he stumbles into another situation and eventually agrees to help his new friends. Max meets the rebel Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) and a group of escaped female prisoners who are on their way to safety out of Joe's reach, but first to get there they must endure one of the most pulse-pounding chases in cinematic history.

Originally done in an acidic palette of oranges and teals, perhaps more suited to something directed by big-budget mavens like Michael Bay, this edition burns it down to a slick monochrome to give audiences a completely different experience. Director George Miller adores the release, saying, “Something about black and white, the way it distills it, makes it a little bit more abstract. Something about losing some of the information of colour make it somehow more iconic."

You have TWO chances at The Royal Cinema to experience this very special edition of a wonderful movie, and you seriously don't want to miss this opportunity!
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By: The Royal Cinema - Toronto

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