Robots Vs. Unicorns Presents: Pitch Black

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Robots Vs. Unicorns Presents: Pitch Black
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Robots Vs. Unicorns Presents: Pitch Black says
While we haven't been able to confirm whether Vin Diesel will be able to attend, we are inviting Vin Diesel look-alikes to participate in a RIDDICK look-alike contest!

You’re not afraid of the dark, are you?

In the distant future, a transport ship called Hunter-Gratzner carrying civilians passes a desert planet while on autopilot, with its crew and passengers in cryogenic slumber. Among the passengers are criminal Richard B. Riddick, who has illegally surgically modified eyes that give him extra-sensitive vision to allow him to see in the dark. The spaceship becomes damaged by comet debris and they make a crash landing on the desert planet, where Riddick promptly escapes. As if everything wasn’t already ripping apart at the seams, the crew discovers predatory alien creatures that begin to attack the passengers, but only at night, keeping them safe in sunlight. But then a month-long eclipse happens…

Pitch Black is a clinically insane nightmare, with wall-to-wall action and scares. It is equipped with a clever and fast moving script to keep audiences enthralled, and with a star like Vin Diesel at its helm, serves as a seriously fun piece of sci-fi horror.
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By: The Royal Cinema - Toronto

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