Saudi Iranian Dynamics Roundtable Discussion

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Saudi Iranian Dynamics Roundtable Discussion
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Saudi Iranian Dynamics Roundtable Discussion says
Join us on Tuesday, February 9 at 6:00pm for a roundtable discussion with Reza Akhlagi.

The Saudi-Iranian rivalry has been sectarian, ethnic, ideological, and geopolitical in nature. It’s a rivalry between a country founded in 1932 (Saudi Arabia) in the aftermath of the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, and a 3000-year old ancient civilization that is known to have built the world’s first empire (Iran). Iran and Saudi Arabia have remained stubbornly opposed to how regional conflicts should be solved and how global energy markets should be managed. Today the entire Middle East region, and parts of Central and Southwest Asia, are in a sense hostage to this grand Arab-Persian rivalry.

Now with the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) also known as the Iran Nuclear Deal, the ever intense dynamics between Iran and Saudi Arabia will enter a whole new phase. This new phase could be either based on more violent proxy wars in the region, or could usher in downward pressure in the intensity of their rivalry.

While the Saudis have successfully leveraged the energy card against Iran to hurt the Iranian coffers, they have failed—in some instances utterly so—to achieve their strategic regional objectives. Over the next 12 to 18 months, we will witness the emergence of a new Iran on the world stage with new domestic challenges that will impact the dynamics of its emergence.

Reza Akhlaghi is Managing Director of ForeignPolicyConcepts, a global online platform based in Markham, Ontario. It’s a platform where professionals and thought leaders in foreign policy, global economy, and international affairs discuss serious issues that impact our society, economy, and lives.

Reza was previously a senior writer and blogger with the Foreign Policy Associa­tion, America’s oldest foreign policy think tank based in New York City and founded in 1918. Reza has interviewed over a 100 leading intellectuals, policy makers, and thought leaders in international security and foreign affairs. His expertise is at the intersection of geopolitics, energy security, and political culture of Middle Eastern and Eurasian states.

He is a contributor to a number of publications including Canadian International Council (CIC), the Hill Times in Ottawa, and Diplomatic Courier in Washington. Reza continues to consult national and international security organizations at a private capac­ity. He can be reached at
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By: NATO Association of Canada