Session: Improv For Burlesque With Nyree!

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Session: Improv For Burlesque With Nyree!
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Session: Improv For Burlesque With Nyree! says
Want to get over the fear of the unknown and get your hands on the tools to pull a routine out of thin air?
Whether you want to do full, confident, improvised numbers or you just want to learn to stop overthinking your act development, this class will add lots of inspiration to your performance methods.


This session covers character development, physicalization, musicality, storytelling, as well as lots of practice trusting and training your performer instincts.

6 Weeks
Price: $125
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Nyree is a multitalented performer and producer who has spent a decade teaching and studying improv , dance, and movement. Her style of teaching is often sneaky as she tricks you into finding nuances in performance you have never found before. Be prepared for strange exercises that get you out of your head and into your character!

Week 1: Character development- How does a character move? How do they interact with the audience?

Week 2: Musicality- How do you read the tone of a song and express it? How do you keep count of choruses and timing?

Week 3: Storytelling- How do you add tension with a narrative or without a narrative?

Week 4: Setting it up- how do you put it all together and remember it all?

Week 5: Cheat codes: archetypes, powermoves, stillness, breathing, and pacing

Week 6: Let's PERFORM and PARTY!
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By: The Toronto School of Burlesque