Sound Elevation Presents Rave $10 Cover Party Til...????

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Sound Elevation Presents Rave $10 Cover Party Til...????
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Sound Elevation says
Party Starts at 10pm
Challenge to everyone... how long can you keep the party open till? If there is still enough bodies in the club, not outside hanging on the street, we will keep the music pumping with quality music everyone has come to expect from a Sound Elevation jam till the sun comes up. Can It be done??!?

::Entertainment for the Night::




♪♫♭♫♩♬ SNIPER (Vinyl Syndicate / Syrous ) ♩ ♫♬♪♫♬

original badmon dj, forefather of drum n bass in the city of toronto, a member of vinyl syndicate which produced a bunch of big tunes and helped put Toronto at the top of the dnb world. As well a being big part of the legendary the Syrous Crew which brought over the biggest names in DJ's and threw some of Toronto's biggest dnb parties with over 10,000+ people in attendance.
History lesson: (dl's n movies of old sets)

♫♬♪♫♬ BIGS (dnb) ♫ VS♩ GABBO (hhc) ♫♬♪♫♬
nu school drum n bass vs old school hardcore anthems, old school drum n bass anthems vs nu school happy hardcore. junglist vs kandi-kid, camo vs fun fur, lighters vs kandi-bracelets. The ultimate battle...... a battle to the P.L.U.R.... WHO WILL YOU SIDE WITH!!!

♭♫♩♬♪♭ BIGPICKZ ♬♩♬♬♭♫
liquid drum n bass / jump up

♪♫♭♫♩♬ DJ HATHAWAY ♬♩♬♬♭♫
happy hardcore / drum n bass

♭♫♩♬♪♭ V!SIONS ♩ ♫♬♪♫♬
trap / hardcore / dnb

♭♫♩♫♬♩ SHAGG-E ♭♫♩ ♫♬♪
hardstyle / trapstyle

♬♭♫♩ ♫♬ NEONBLACK ♬♩♬♭♫♩
electro / trap / house

♫♬♪♫♬ SPEDFREK ♬♩♬♬♭♫
crossbreed / dnb / techno

♩ ♫♬♪♫♬ KHOUSE ♭♫♩♫♬♩
techno / drum n bass / ????

♭♫♩♫♬♩ DJ GUNTS-A-LOT ♪♫♭♫♩♬
trance / dubstep / house

♫♬♪♫♬ M455EFFECT ♭♫♩ ♫♬♪
trap / dnb / future bass

♫♬♪♫♬ Ri$u / リス ♬♩♬♭♫♩
neurofunk / dark dnb

All Ages Party
Doors open at 10pm
Cover $10 All Night
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By: Sound Elevation