Tao 3 4 Combined Retreat For Longevity And Immortality

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Tao 3 4 Combined Retreat For Longevity And Immortality
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Tao 3 4 Combined Retreat For Longevity And Immortality says
Tao III-IV Combined Retreat For Longevity And Immortality
with Master Peter Hudoba, Master Allan Chuck and Master Nina Mistry
Friday Oct 21 - Monday Oct 24
10:00 am - 10:00 pm (GMT -5:00)

Master Sha’s Soul Healing Centre Toronto
1160 Ellesmere Road
Toronto, Ontario M1P 2X4, CA

Honor Fee: $240 CAD in person, early registration of $200 until September 30; $170 CAD via webcast; $95 CAD audit fee for those who have previously completed Tao Level III and IV Training

Living the Way of the Tao with Master Peter Hudoba, Master Allan Chuck, Master Nina Mistry and other guest Divine Channels
Prerequisite: Tao I and II Retreats to attend this event

Tao is The Way.
Tao is The Source.
Tao is the universal principles and laws.

Transform your life and discover your purpose and true self at a Tao Retreat.

Learn how to follow The Way of the Tao, and discover how everything in your life flourishes. There’s a Tao path for everything, including healthy living, unconditional love and service to others, and practicing forgiveness to clear spiritual debt. When you follow the Tao, extraordinary possibilities become reality in your daily life.

The Tao III & IV Combined Retreat features never-before-revealed secrets that Master Sha continues to receive from The Source and shares with his Worldwide Representatives. In this profound retreat, you will be empowered to gain deeper awareness of the significance and benefits of learning Tao, and learn further secrets and sacred practices to:

Learn about the ancient saints’ abilities
Receive guidance on how to further your practice of Tao in your daily life
Receive powerful Divine and Tao transmissions to bless your spiritual journey
Receive Divine Channel’s personal soul healing blessings to heal, rejuvenate and transform all aspects of your life and bless your soul journey
Learn 220 sacred Tao phrases and wisdom for spiritual growth, graceful aging, healthy living and total well-being.

Register in Person: http://webshop-ca.drsha.com/tao-iii-iv-combined-retreat-for-longevity-and-immortality-toronto-on-2016-oct-21-24-in-person.html

Via Webcast: http://webshop-ca.drsha.com/tao-iii-iv-combined-retreat-for-longevity-and-immortality-toronto-on-2016-oct-21-24-via-webcast.html

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By: Master Sha Tao Healing Centre