The Gata: Water Ceremony

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The Gata: Water Ceremony
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The Gata: Water Ceremony says
Water is life. The river of mind and energy which is our primordial nature moves as water moves. We are submerged into water and composed of the very substance which we are surrounded by. Clear, brilliant, active and life-giving, water is the first home of the human being within the female body. Water is fought for, managed and channeled. Just as the feminine spirit must be honored so must water be understood and honored. The life blood of our species and of our planet, an essential ingredient to life in all known material reality.

The Gata continues its mythopoetic journey, revealing a woman's wisdom quest. In Water Ceremony, we are led on a walkabout around Sherbourne Common by the Mayan Moon Goddess IXCHEL.

Beyond gender, IXCHEL represents the 3 stages of the enlightened aspect: Maiden, Mother and Medicine Woman. She is the flowering quality of being in direct experience with the Earth Mother, Gaia.

In our story, IXCHEL is found on the water’s edge. She presents her pain and suffering as offerings to the Lake in the form of dance and song, asking for wisdom from the Water. In response, the Water sends a retinue of manifestations that are characters who give her the guidance she seeks. It is our intention to create a meditative space with the audience, connecting people with the places they walk upon.

Our opera is designed to serve as a ceremonial invitation to the spiritual and collective connection to water. This same connection is bound by a woman's journey to liberation. Just as water seeks freedom and an opening wherever it flows, so too does the feminine spirit push towards and demand liberation in every scale and space. Song and movement unite the human heart with the elements. This is the work of The Gata.

The Gata is a performance-based atelier that produces contemplative New Opera works inspired by the ancient energy traditions found in Buddhism and Indigenous wisdom cultures; intersecting these with 21st century multimedia aesthetics which radically reinterpret the relationship between story and social change by exploring the production potentials of artistic performance. Our work employs the discipline of opera to activate unlikely spaces as situations for spiritual investigation. The group is led by artist-director Irene Cortes.


Mary-Dora Bloch Hanson, Zach Olesinski, Elder O'Puck, Deborah Brodey, Spirit Wind, Alan Reed, Waxaq'ib Q'ojoom, Gaden Choling Mantra Choir, Ivan Klimov, Grenadier Quartet, Paramita Kar, Lama Cristumadeus


This FREE outdoor presentation of The Gata: Water Ceremony is presented through Waterfront Toronto's Animating Our Waterfront program. The program facilitates individuals, organizations, collectives and groups who wish to present free arts and cultural programming in selected parks and public spaces in our city’s waterfront neighbourhoods.
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By: The Gata: a contemporary opera

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