Tiny Penis

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Tiny Penis
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The event creator says
An awareness campaign
A small movement.
Living alone with your mother.
Salty tears all the same.
Explosions not in the sky but a few inches of the ground.
A stool with a wobbly leg.
A fish tank pump with too long of a waterfall.
A USB cord that isn't long enough for you to change positions in bed.
A fleshlight for your needs.
A purring cat just out of reach.
A penis poem is a haiku.
A landshrimp.
Born tucked.
I don't call them erections i call them sightings.
Wanting an extra ounce of your coffee.
Excrete ammonia thru my skin like a shark, because my penis is so small.
A sense of helpness as a cat cries out in heat.
A bathroom slightly busier than you would like it to be.

/ DJ Flippity Floppy Gentialia (Adam)
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