Understanding Yourself Part 2

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Understanding Yourself Part 2
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Understanding Yourself Part 2 says
Languages: English, Russian
Sponsoring Local Group: Toronto Teaching Center
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Understanding Yourself, Part 2
with Kuthumi, Lord Lanto, and God Meru

“Understanding Yourself” is a profound course on the science and practice of soul evolution. In Part 2, the emphasis is on understanding the four vehicles the soul uses as a platform for evolution: the four lower bodies. Mrs. Prophet gives comprehensive teachings on this part of our spiritual anatomy, and provides invaluable tools for getting a better grip on one’s thinking processes, emotions, physical challenges, habits and temptations. Part 2 of Understanding Yourself will give you a wonderful new thrust on your spiritual path that you will not want to miss.

Each man’s culture is dominated by the patterns that lie deep within his subconscious being. Frequently men say that they do not understand themselves. They do not know why they act as they do. It is not possible for them to open the doorway of consciousness, to roam the corridors of memory and see each habit in its development, and then to weed out each undesirable thought. There is a better way, and that way is the saturation of the consciousness with the flame of cosmic worth.
—Lord Lanto
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