Walter Rodney And Caribbean Socialism

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Walter Rodney And Caribbean Socialism
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Walter Rodney And Caribbean Socialism says
Walter Rodney was and remains one of the seminal Marxists of our times both in his contributions to theory and practice.
As a revolutionary he led at the time one of the most revolutionary projects in the western hemisphere. He sought to overthrow a post-colonial "dictator" through a multi-racial alliance led by workers.
The classic tactic of divide-and-rule left from the time of colonialism but all to readily adopted by the post-colonial regime had always divided the Guyanese masses but as Rodney said:
“….the colonial regime trembled whenever African and Indian workers moved together and…. I would say that when African and Indian workers move together the local exploiting classes will have a very short leash on life”
As a theoretician although most known for How Europe Underdeveloped Africa and From Rasta to Resistance, he gave innumerable lectures and developed Marxist theory at the heart of the struggle. Many of his contributions today sadly live in relative obscurity, uncollected for those that would use them today.
From Tanzania to Jamaica, from Montreal to Guyana, Walter Rodney was a threat to the ruling class everywhere he went and at the age of 38 was assassinated in Guyana.
If you want to know more about Walter Rodney, the current struggle to get justice for him, and current struggles in Guyana I encourage you to come and invite anyone.
There will be several petitions circulated.
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