Whit Rb & Attila Fias @ 120 Diner

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Whit Rb & Attila Fias @ 120 Diner
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Whit Rb & Attila Fias @ 120 Diner says
Top 5 ways to listen to jazz:

1. While in a bath tub. Contemplating the existential crisis of how dusty and hairy the bathroom floor has gotten.

2. On the subway at maximum iPhone volume, in full-on sound battle with that dude playing roar-metal and growling along beneath his frightening beard. You will win, dammit...until Dundas West. Then you will stand creepily on the platform, glaring as the train pulls away.

3. In a club. Live. With real musicians. Closing your eyes and nodding your head in time. Clapping when you think the solo is over, only to pretend you're clapping in time cause the solo is still going. HA HA, I love to clap! (Might I suggest the duo of me & pianist Attila Fias @ 120 Diner this Friday from 6-8pm?)

4. While petting your kitty. Kitty likes Bird.

5. In your car on the QEW, combatting the gridlock rage. Nothing goes with that BMW-driver-induced hard eye roll better than Oscar Peterson riffing on Cole Porter.

If you find yourself saying, "who is this Whitney Raw-Spareribs? Who is this fella, Attila Fias?" Then check us out here: https://youtu.be/Vkl9bXVIG7o
And then come see us, Friday Nov 11 from 6-8pm. It's a Pay What You Can affair.
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By: Whitney Ross-Barris