Zeke Moores // Cast Off

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Zeke Moores // Cast Off
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Zeke Moores // Cast Off says


APRIL 29 to JUNE 3
OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, May 6 from 2 to 5 p

On first glance, most objects directly mirror their utilitarian role in their qualities and characteristics; however, if one looks more closely, one sees an inherent hierarchical system of value imposed on objects by their surrounding cultural contexts. By providing a visual ingress into the worlds of “common” objects, an opportunity arises to consider how issues of representation, value, and perception figure into one’s viewing of an object, transforming it from a functional item to a cultural icon.

Within the exhibition space, wooden barriers and small clusters of cardboard boxes engage in a dialogue about their purpose and function. The act of casting the humble box in bronze memorializes the small subtleties of its ephemeral existence. Each rip, dent, tape mark, staple not only reminds the viewer of the object’s former life, but also aestheticizes each piece as unique, beautiful, and permanent.

A stack of 5-gallon buckets, towering approximately 8 feet high, references the architectural usage of columns or pillars to sustain the roofs that provide us shelter. Yet, this particular form, referencing mass production through the act of “stacking,” also highlights our current culture’s obsession with material accumulation and its inevitable demise; the system is flawed, the structure won’t hold. Assimilation and specialization no longer work. Diversify or die. The aspiration of the middle-class to be supported by a Home Depot column will eventually crumble along with its form. This tower of buckets is empty, yet full of self-duplications. It is both a system and a fabrication. – Zeke Moores (2017)
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By: Katzman Contemporary