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Cry your eyes out: 12 times we wished Michelle Obama could be our First Lady forever

Michelle Obama top moments
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By the time you read this, Michelle Obama will no longer be the current First Lady of the United States of America. Feel free to grab a box of tissues right about now.

As President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump settle into the White House, we revisit some of our absolute favorite Michelle Obama moments: From that time she went shopping at CVS to the time she rapped to one of Missy Elliott's greatest hits and everything in between. And, since you're already crying, you might as well take a trip down a Barack Obama-inspired memory lane and remember all the times you fell madly in love with him.

1. That time she did 25 push-ups on live TV—with Ellen DeGeneres

2. That (those) time(s) she reminded us what love should look like

3. That time she lived every girl's dream when dancing with her husband while being serenaded by Queen Beyonce

4. That time she got America to really move

5. That time she rapped to Missy Elliott's "Get Your Freak On"

6. That time she made us want to eat turnips for breakfast, lunch and dinner

7. That time she was the star of an already star-studded Mannequin Challenge video

8. That time she lifted America way up at the Democratic National Convention

9. That time she hung out with Rory Gilmore

10. That time she nonchalantly went shopping at CVS

11. That time she danced with Elmo and Rosita


12. Those many, many, many times she proved to be America's style icon


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