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Here's how you and 20 friends can spend the summer in a castle in Scotland

Anna Rahmanan

If you haven't planned your summer yet, we might have the perfect plans for you.

To celebrate the release of the Beauty and the Beast live-action remake, Disney and HomeAway have teamed up to offer one lucky winner (and 20 of his/her friends!) the chance to spend five full nights at Duns Castle, a sprawling 1,200 acre estate in Scotland. 

Boasting 12 bedrooms, eight bathrooms and acres upon acres of green, the 14th century castle is the stuff you only see in movies. Guests will be able to partake in a whole variety of outdoor activities—think archery, falconry and nature tours, among others. Or, as mentioned on the promotion's official release, you may opt to "dance, sing, read books or perhaps even talk to the furniture and hope it will talk back, just like in the much-anticipated film." In case you were wondering, all roundtrip travel costs will be taken care of as well.

The cost of renting out the estate on your own? Over $3,000 per night.

Folks in the U.S., France, Germany and England have until March 31, 2017 to enter the contest on Bonus info: Five runner ups will get to pick four friends to enjoy an all-expenses-paid, seven-night stay at any HomeAway property. 

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