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Leslie Jordan confirms that a 10-episode 'Will & Grace' revival is coming to NBC

Will & Grace revival
Photograph: NBC

The year is off to a good start: former Will & Grace star Leslie Jordan told KPBS in a radio interview that NBC has revived the series for a total of 10 episodes. The network has yet to comment on the news.

"It's back," Jordan, who won an Emmy for his role as Beverly Leslie, said in the interview. "[NBC] has ordered 10 [episodes]. It'll be for next season, so they'll go in in July."

Given the industry chatter back in October about the network's desire to bring back the show, the unofficial announcement should come as no surprise.

Commenting on the changing nature of the television industry back in October, star Debra Messing had previously hinted at the possibility of NBC not playing a role in the revival—a fact that Leslie's announcement now clearly invalidates.

"Now there are platforms where you can do six or 10 episodes. I don't believe we would ever come back to network [TV] again," Messing told The Hollywood Reporter a few months back. "I think that the logistics of all of our lives—there would just be way too many things to hammer out. But for something shorter-lived and maybe having the limitations of being on network TV lifted may give us a fun, fresh opportunity because we could be really, really naughty!" 

Thank you, 2017, for already being that much better than 2016.