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Birthday cupcake with candle
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11 birthday freebies that you're missing out on

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan

What if we told you that we could make you love your birthday even more than you already do?

Shops all around the country are in the habit of giving out freebies to customers celebrating their big day and TopView Sightseeing put together a handy little guide, grouping all of those offers into a single document. Consider this our birthday gift to you.

So, in addition to making a reservation at one of the best restaurants in America or booking a treatment at the top spas and resorts across the country,  make sure to spend some time on your birthday taking advantage of all these deals—from free coffees to complimentary desserts and juices.

The countdown to your birthday just got that much more exciting. 


bareMinerals: Become a FAB member by signing up here and you'll receive a free gift in the mail around your birthday.

Fresh: Become a Fresh Family Rewards Member and snag a free gift on your birthday when visiting the store. If you spend $25 or more online, they'll send the present directly to you.


Applebee's: Sign up for the chain's rewards program and get a free dessert when dining at Applebee's on your birthday.

Baskin Robbins: Membership to the Baskin Robbins Birthday Club comes with a free ice cream scoop on your special day.

Dunkin' Donuts: Dunkin' Donuts DD Perks program members get to redeem a free drink during any day of the month of their birthday. 

Godiva: Join Godiva's loyalty program and receive an exclusive chocolate-filled birthday gift each year. 

IHOP: Join the Pancake Revolution club and get free pancakes on your birthday.

Jamba Juice: Enjoy a free smoothie on your big day if you sign up for the insider program.

Starbucks: Become a Starbucks Rewards member and enjoy a complimentary drink on your birthday and 15% off your next purchase.

Sprinkles: Register for Sprinkles perks and get a free cupcake on your birthday.


Old Navy: Sign up for the birthday club and get a free gift on your big day.

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