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11 Trader Joe’s fan accounts to follow on Instagram right now

Find out about the latest drops, seasonal goods and new items to buy from people who practically live at the grocery store.

Virginia Gil
Written by
Virginia Gil

Trader Joe’s ever-evolving inventory is a lot to keep up with, even for die-hard fans of the chain. There are the seasonal drops, the stuff on its way out and the new items that seem to magically appear on shelves—not to mention the sales. Following a TJ fan account makes shopping the store much less overwhelming. While not affiliated with the brand, these influencers post regularly about the chain and keep folks informed with photos and product reviews, plus a peppering of recipes. To put it simply, the people behind these profiles spend hours scouring the aisles and quarterly flier so you don’t have to. Ready to shop like an insider? Hit follow on these top Trader Joe’s fan accounts.

Trader Joe’s Food Reviews

Kelsey Lynch runs this one, where she thoroughly reviews and rates products on a scale from one to 10. She’s also on TikTok and recently published Cooking Through Trader Joe’s Cookbook, featuring nearly 20 recipes using only items found at TJ’s. 

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How to Trader Joe

This account provides straight-forward recommendations of some of Trader Joe’s newly added items and examples of ways to use them, like which salsa pairs with what chip and what to do with the bag of turmeric granola you just bought. We like this one for its engagement: How to Shop answers all of your questions, even the ones that knock her unabashed obsession with fall.

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The Original Trader Joe’s Fans

You’ll find a nice variety of products here, from frozen items and seasonings to body creams, but hardly any reviews. Photos are crowdsourced from other fan accounts and shoppers, giving the page somewhat of a catalog feel. The OG account won’t help you decide what to buy but it will show you what’s out there, especially if you click through the story highlights.

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Trader Joe’s Geek

One of the most thorough accounts out there, the geek provides detailed reviews, a rating score, a grade, pricing and numerous product shots with each post. If you’re ever on the fence about an item, check with the geek first. She mostly shoots items in the store so you know that what she’s posting is what’s currently available (the expiration date will quell any doubts).

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Trader Joe’s tobeDiscontinued

Keep tabs on your favorite TJ’s items before they’re gone for good. We’re not sure where the person behind this account gets their intel, but the profile lives up to its promise as a helpful place to discover items that will be discontinued across the grocery store chain. From dips and chips to frozen meals, find the stuff you’ll want to get while you still can.

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Trader Joe’s Nut

This Trader Joe’s “nut” showcases full meals made exclusively with items found at the store. The photos aren’t the sharpest we’ve seen but the elaborate captions and recipes make up for them. It’s also one of the few accounts to share cocktail ideas using TJ booze (not all stores carry hard liquor) and mixers.

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Trader Joe’s Kitchen

Find a mix of recipes, seasonal items and year-round obsessions on Trader Joe’s Kitchen. Not only does Rachel, who runs the account, post plenty of drool-worthy photos to get you inspired, but she also hosts regular giveaways for a chance to try the food for free.

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Trader Joe’s Obsessed & More

TJ obsessed pumps out a ton of content both in-feed and on stories for a mix of in-depth reviews and quick-hit updates on items to look out for. She includes prices and simple recipe ideas for things that might be difficult to pair, like Asian sausage or fresh figs. 

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Trader Joe’s Insider

Susan Sandel, who runs this account, is a realtor by day and a Trader Joe’s insider by night. Her posts are a combination of new things she “spies,” short cooking videos (think demos more than instructional clips) and employee shoutouts, which we can all get behind.

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Trader Jolene

This New Jersey-based Trader Joe’s enthusiast loves the brand so much she calls herself Jolene (her real name is Madeline Thomas). In addition to posting in-feed product reviews, Jolene chronicles her big monthly/seasonal haul with a video on IGTV. You can also find her on the podcast The Trend Report with Mara, dishing on TJ’s latest drops.

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Trader Joe’s Gluten-Free

Get help finding all of Trader Joe’s gluten-free items and discover new products you didn’t know existed. This account crowdsources posts on GF goodies for a comprehensive look at what you might find in the store. It’s run by Dezeray Floyd, a self-proclaimed food allergy enthusiast determined to find wheat-free alternatives for all.

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