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According to a new survey, over half of America is ready to fly domestic again

"Advanced sanitizing efforts" will suffice when considering whether to take a trip.

Written by
Anna Rahmanan

We didn't really need a survey to tell us that we're all itching to travel once more but it doesn't hurt to know with a bit more certainty that our fellow Americans are gearing up for, potentially, boarding a flight again—at least according to some data recently shared by travel insurance business Allianz Travel.

The company surveyed 4,300 customers and asked them about their current disposition towards vacationing amid a global pandemic. What would take for them to feel comfortable traveling again? Half of the respondents noted that "advanced sanitizing efforts" would set their mind at ease and spur them to fly again. Almost half (49%) also cited a proven vaccine against COVID-19 as enough of a measure while 42% mentioned that a mere go-ahead by health officials would suffice.

The type of trip folks would potentially take was also part of the survey: 59% of respondents revealed that they'd consider destinations within the United States—which is just as well since travel to Europe from America is currently banned.

"While the travel landscape is constantly changing, we’re finding that our customers are eager to safely hit the road to enjoy time together with their families," said Joe Mason, the chief marketing officer at Allianz Partners, in an official statement. "While travel to foreign destinations is currently in flux, it's a great time to fly or drive to rediscover the amazing destinations that America has to offer."

In terms of arrangements upon arrival, 47% of folks queried revealed they'd stay in a hotel while 11% will likely opt for short term rental homes the likes of Airbnb. Either way, we consider this great news and a (very small) step towards a return to normalcy.

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