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Dubrovnik rooftops
Photograph: Shutterstock

Croatia is the only EU country welcoming Americans right now

You might be able to vacation in Europe after all

Sarah Medina

By now you know that US travelers have been banned from Europe, and collectively, we've all turned our sights on the Caribbean (or maybe Hawaii?) as alternative vacation destinations this year. But don't write off Europe just yet; Croatia has officially reopened to tourists from all countries.

The central European country broke with its fellow EU nations by reopening for tourism this month and welcoming travelers from around the world to visit the aqua lakes of Plitvice or the red-roofed city of Dubrovnik. So how do you go about it? Americans and other non-EU travelers must present a negative test no older than 48 hours (or self-isolate for 14 days) in addition to completing a travel registration form on the country’s tourism website and providing proof of paid local accommodations (like a hotel receipt) or an address if you're staying with relatives or friends. There is no testing or temperature screening on arrival, but wearing masks in public and social distancing rules still apply. 

Even if you do head to Croatia this summer, remember that you won't be able to cross the border into many neighboring countries where Americans are still banned. 

Croatia not on your bucket list? Here's a full list of destinations that are welcoming US tourists right now including countries like Albania, Serbia and Turkey. 

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