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Google reveals the top recipes every state is searching for right now

As it turns out, Montana is really into cinnamon rolls.

Morgan Olsen
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Morgan Olsen

You can tell a lot about what's going on in someone's life based on their search history. And right now, we're all turning to recipes to bide our time indoors and create comforting dishes. There's data to back that up: Google recently revealed that the search interest around the term "recipe" has reached an all-time high between 2004 and now.

Of course, the wizards at Google can also tell us exactly what folks are searching for and break it down by geographical location. The tech giant just released a list of the most uniquely searched recipes by state over the last 30 days—"unique" is when a state searches for something more than all of the USA. That explains why Louisiana's top result is crawfish etouffee.

It's worth noting that the most popular recipe over all—the one that 13 states have in common—is "hamburger (or hamburger meat) recipe," which feels especially patriotic. If you're still searching for the perfect burger tutorial, might we suggest recreating Shake Shack's signature cheeseburger at home tonight? It's easier than you'd expect.

But the grand prize goes to Washington, D.C., where folks are turning to Google not for dinner inspiration but for a solid margarita recipe. We raise our glass to you, D.C. Thanks for keeping it real. Without further ado, take a look at which in-demand dishes the other 50 states are Googling right now.

Alabama: chicken salad recipe

Alaska: cinnamon rolls recipe

Arizona: lemonade recipe

Arkansas: hamburger meat recipe

California: snickerdoodle recipe

Colorado: egg salad recipe

Connecticut: salmon recipe

Delaware: salmon recipe

Washington, D.C.: margarita recipe

Florida: zucchini recipe

Georgia: baked chicken recipe

Hawaii: shoyu chicken recipe

Idaho: cinnamon roll recipe

Illinois: pork tenderloin recipe

Indiana: hamburger recipe

Iowa: hamburger recipe

Kansas: hamburger recipe

Kentucky: hamburger recipe

Louisiana: crawfish etouffee recipe

Maine: bread recipe

Maryland: salmon recipe

Massachusetts: bread recipe

Michigan: hamburger recipe

Minnesota: bread recipe

Mississippi: cornbread recipe

Missouri: hamburger recipe

Montana: cinnamon roll recipe

Nebraska: hamburger recipe

Nevada: pork loin recipe

New Hampshire: bread recipe

New Jersey: salmon recipe

New Mexico: tortilla recipe

New York: charoset recipe

North Carolina: pound cake recipe

North Dakota: sloppy joe recipe

Ohio: hamburger recipe

Oklahoma: hamburger meat recipe

Oregon: cinnamon roll recipe

Pennsylvania: egg salad recipe

Rhode Island: chicken parm recipe

South Carolina: pound cake recipe

South Dakota: bread recipe

Tennessee: baked chicken recipe

Texas: hamburger meat recipe

Utah: crepe recipe

Vermont: pancake recipe

Virginia: banana pudding recipe

Washington: sourdough bread recipe

West Virginia: hamburger recipe

Wisconsin: ham recipe

Wyoming: sourdough recipe

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