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Hawaii will pay for your round-trip ticket if you decide to temporarily relocate to Honolulu

This is a win-win.

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan

Chances are you—like the rest of us—are working remotely for the foreseeable future. Why not do so while living on the beautiful, warm, peaceful and decadent island of Hawaii? Turns out, the state itself would actually love for you to relocate there.

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To encourage folks to move out there for a bit, Hawaii is offering to pay for round-trip tickets to Honolulu, also offering prospective transplants discounts on restaurants, attractions, flights and month-to-month accommodations. No, this is not a drill.

In total, 50 applicants will be chosen and they will have to move within a month of the official selection. The good news? After that first phase, the state will be accepting new applications on a rolling basis and, perhaps, allow people to move to neighboring islands as well. You have until December 15 to apply for the first phase of the program, which is dubbed "Movers and Shakas." You can find the application right here.

Full disclosure: if selected, you'll be asked to devote some time to the state's Pledge to Our Keiki program, through which you'll have to volunteer at a local nonprofit several hours a week and contribute to the improvement of the local community. Let's be honest: that's the very least you can do for the chance to move to paradise in the middle of a global pandemic. 

What, exactly, are you waiting for? Get on that application! 

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