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Here are the most popular Uber Eats special requests in each state during quarantine

"Extra Yum Yum sauce, please."

Anna Ben Yehuda

Back in April, Uber Eats revealed the most popular takeout orders in 35 U.S. states. Today, the delivery company delves deeper into its data, highlighting each state's customization preferences when ordering.

The company shared its findings with Travel + Leisure. Among the most noticeable trends: tacos and limes are the most popular food combination that people tend to order, followed by French fries and salt. Also: as more folks ask for "extra sauce," "no onion" and "no cucumber" as compared to pre-quarantine times, less users than usual demand "dressing on the side" and "no bacon." 

But what particularly stands out from the company's report is that people in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Vermont and Washington are, generally speaking, the most polite customers across the country—writing "thank you" and "please" most frequently when ordering. 

Below, find a state-by-state breakdown of the most popular special requests on orders:

Alabama: Extra Yum Yum sauce
Arizona: No guacamole
Arkansas: Add chicken
California: No pico de gallo
Colorado: No guacamole
Connecticut: Extra dressing
Delaware: No cucumber
Florida: Extra dressing
Georgia: Crispy
Hawaii: All rice
Idaho: Add onion
Illinois: Plain
Indiana: Extra lemon pepper
Iowa: No pico
Kansas: Extra fry sauce
Kentucky: Extra pickle
Louisiana: No cilantro
Maine: Salt and vinegar
Maryland: Extra sauce
Massachusetts: Well done
Michigan: Honey mustard
Minnesota: Medium spicy
Mississippi: Extra hot sauce
Missouri: Extra dressing
Montana: No olives
Nebraska: No veggies
Nevada: No salsa
New Hampshire: Mild
New Jersey: Salt, pepper, and ketchup
New Mexico: Easy ice
New York: Toasted
North Carolina: Extra white sauce
North Dakota: Extra sour cream
Ohio: Light sauce
Oklahoma: Add mustard
Oregon: No bean sprouts
Pennsylvania: Salt and pepper
Rhode Island: Blue cheese
South Carolina: Extra white sauce
Tennessee: Sweet tea
Texas: Add cheese
Utah: No guacamole
Vermont: Extra blue cheese
Virginia: Extra mayo
Washington: No salad
West Virginia: 2 ketchups
Wisconsin: Extra queso
Wyoming: No jalapeños

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