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hot chocolate bomb
Photograph: Shutterstock

Hot chocolate bombs are the 2020 cure-all we didnโ€™t know we needed

We can't look away.

Morgan Olsen
Written by
Morgan Olsen

Time and time again, the internet proves that it knows what we need long before we do. Case in point: hot chocolate bombs, the Instagram and TikTok sensation that's putting Swiss Miss to shame.

What is a hot chocolate bomb, you ask? It's a hollow chocolate globe that's stuffed with powdered hot cocoa mix, marshmallows and anything else you'd want in your mug—sprinkles, peppermint bits, toffee and candy all appear to be fair game. To get the "bomb" effect, place the edible orb in a mug and pour piping-hot milk over it. If done correctly, the hot chocolate bomb will open slowly, revealing a treasure trove of sugar that can be mixed into the milk and enjoyed. Because in 2020, why just drink hot chocolate when you can make it into a spectacle?

There are plenty of online retailers and chocolatiers that are selling these mesmerizing confections, but you can also make them yourself if you're willing to invest in a silicone mold like this one. You'll have your pick of reliable and easy-ish recipes to follow—and hey, you'll even learn how to temper chocolate along the way.

Of course, there's one other way to enjoy this sweet trend that won't cost you a dime: Scroll through the thousands of videos that have been uploaded to Instagram and TikTok with the hashtag #hotchocolatebombs. For your viewing pleasure, we selected a few of our favorites below. Happy chocolate bombing!

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