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The total cost of an Oscars ceremony runs over $40 million—plus other fun facts

Anna Ben Yehuda

Are you ready for the Oscars

In preparation for the grand dame of awards show, WalletHub put together a very interesting list of Oscar fun facts and statistics that will likely get you even more excited for Sunday night's affair.

Let's start with the total cost of the ceremony: $44 million. Yes, that's a lot, but, considering the following numbers, the overall price of hosting the event shouldn't really come as a surprise:

- A single 24-karat, gold-plated Oscar statuette costs $900
- The price of the 16,500-square-foot red carpet is $24,700
Jimmy Kimmel's hosting fee is $15,000
The cost of mailing watermarked screeners of the Oscar nominees to the various voters is around $300,000

As for attendees: The total cost of the look for an A-list actress headed to the Oscars is $10 million. The "average" attendee will dish out $1.5 million to look decent.

Moving on to the year's nominated films:

- Lasting 238 minutes, Gone with the Wind is the longest film to ever win Best Picture. The longest 2018 Best Picture nominee is Call Me by Your Name (132 minutes).
For the second time only since 2014, there are nine nominees in the Best Picture category
Timothée Chalamet (Call Me by Your Name), 22, is the youngest Best Actor nominee since 1944
- Christopher Plummer, 88, is the oldest acting nominee in history
- This year's Academy is the largest and most diverse ever. Over 750 members were added in 2017 and the panel will be comprised of 39% women and 30% people of color.

And, because last year's Best Picture mishap is still on everyone's mind, we reproduce the six new rules that were put into place to prevent another disaster from happening:

1. The celebrity presenter and stage manager will confirm that they have been given the correct envelope
2. PricewaterhouseCoopers partners are prohibited from using cellphones or social media during the show
3. The two PricewaterhouseCoopers accountants holding the envelopes will have memorized the winners' list
4. An additional third balloting partner, who will sit in the control room, will also know the winners by heart
5. All three accountans will attend rehearsals and practice what to do if anything goes wrong
6. Chairman of PricewaterhouseCoopers Tim Ryan will be personally involved with Oscar operations this year  

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