These trendy vacation spots will top every traveler's bucket list in 2021

Are you hoping to visit one of these dreamy spots?

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It's still up in the air when, or even if, we'll be able to safely travel in 2021, but that hasn't stopped us from dreaming about vacation spots across the globe. And according to a new study from Airbnb, we aren't the only ones. Of the 1,100 U.S. adults surveyed, 47 percent of respondent who work from home daydream about travel daily—and they even know what far-flung city they want to be in next summer.  

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After months of spending most of our time indoors, island vacations and escapes to wide open spaces are at the top of traveler's bucket lists for the new year, from the white sand beaches of the Maldives, to the enchanting red peaked landscape of Taos, to the striking Italian island town of Ischia (known for its thermal spas). With Copa América postponed to 2021, soccer fans are eyeing Bogotá, while Maine’s bicentennial events and cozy, quaint vibes are also inspiring potential trip itineraries.

So, without further ado, here are the top vacation spots Americans are dreaming about for 2021: 

  •       Bogotá, Colombia
  •       Seoul, South Korea
  •       Hampton, London
  •       Tisbury, Massachusetts
  •       Maafushi, Maldives
  •       Maine, US
  •       Salon-de-Provence, France
  •       Taos County, New Mexico
  •       La Misión, México
  •       Ischia, Italy

In case we don't make it to these spots next year, you can always plan a domestic trip to the coolest park in the U.S., or a new aquarium exhibit where you can swim with sharks

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