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This handy tool will let you know how many people will get the COVID-19 vaccine before you

Courtesy of the New York Times.

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan

As talks about a vaccine slowly become a reality, folks around the country have started wondering when the shots will actually be available and who will be able to use them first.

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As of now, the government is giving priority to health care workers fighting the disease on the front lines and those who are immunocompromised—so where does the rest of the population fit in line? The New York Times collaborated with the Surgo Foundation and Ariadne Labs to come up with a tool that calculates the number of people set to get the vaccine across the country and where anyone might fall on that list. 

You can play around with the very simple tool right here. You'll have to input your age, the name of the county you live in, indicate whether you belong to one of four professions (health care worker, essential worker, first responder or teacher) and whether you suffer from any COVID-19-related health risks. 

If you're relatively healthy, do expect a whole bunch of Americans to get the vaccine before you. A healthy 28-year-old who lives in Queens County, New York and isn't a frontline worker is virtually standing on line behind 960,000 people. A 47-year-old in Fresno County, in California, on the other hand, will likely receive the vaccine after 845,700 other people in that county.

Sure, those are big numbers, but this is one big, global pandemic—and we can't help but rejoice at the fact that we're finally talking about possible cures to it. 

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