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This map highlights the best attraction in each state in the US according to Instagram

No, the Las Vegas Strip is nothing special.

Anna Rahmanan
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Anna Rahmanan
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Last week, we provoked some pretty interesting conversations after publishing a map created and posted by Instagram user Matt Shirley depicting the worst attraction in each state in America according to his 389,000 followers. Today, we've got the sequel: Shirley posted a map highlighting the very best attraction in each state according to his now 390,000 followers. 

Check out the visualization above—which will likely cause as many arguments as Shirley's previous effort has. "This one was not nearly as unanimous as the worst attraction map," writes Shirley a post accompanying the map. "But there were plenty of people who answered 'nothing'."

In that latter group we see North Dakota, Kansas, Idaho, Mississipi and West Virginia. We must humbly disagree with all those selections, though: the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota, the underground salt museum Strataca in Kansas, Idaho's Oregon Trail, the Elvis Presley-dedicated museum in Mississippi and West Virginia's myriad of hiking trails and state parks are certainly travel-worthy destinations across each state. 

We also disagree with some of the other selections: as beautiful as the Finger Lakes region is, it most certainly shouldn't rank as the very best attraction in New York (have you seen the Manhattan skyline?) and we're definitely partial to the Great Basin National Park in Nevada over the always-too-crowded Las Vegas Strip. But, as they say, to each its own.

What do you think of the various entries?

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