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Most popular fast food chain in each state
Photograph: Top Data

This map highlights the most popular fast food chain in each state during quarantine

Check out who is getting greasy where.

Written by
Anna Rahmanan

As restaurants around the country have been forced to shut down or only offer takeout and delivery services for a few months, one specific sort of eatery—the fast food chain—has actually noticed an increase in traffic. The destinations are, after all, some of the easiest to access while following social distancing guidelines, functioning as quasi drive-in restaurants

But each state has its preference: folks in New York have been flocking to Wendy's while people in Pennsylvania seem to be partial to McDonald's, whereas Colorado residents prefer Chick-fil-A.

Market research firm Top Data took a deep dive into the trend and analyzed the year-over-year average percent change in the number of visits at each chain, specifically comparing data rom June 2019 to June 2020. The result? A map illustrating each state's most popular fast food chain during quarantine.

You can check out the map above but also read through a state-by-state breakdown right below. It's safe to say that Americans truly love Sonic. Can you blame them?

Alabama: Sonic
Arizona: Sonic
Arkansas: Sonic
California: McDonald's
Colorado: Chick-fil-A
Connecticut: Wendy's
Delaware: Chick-fil-A
Florida: Chick-fil-A
Georgia: McDonald's
Idaho: Sonic
Illinois: Wendy’s
Indiana: Chick-fil-A
Iowa: Taco Bell
Kansas: Sonic
Kentucky: Sonic
Louisiana: Popeyes
Maine: Taco Bell
Maryland: Chick-fil-A
Massachusetts: Taco Bell
Michigan: Taco Bell
Minnesota: Taco Bell
Mississippi: Sonic
Missouri: Sonic
Montana: Wendy’s
Nebraska: Sonic
Nevada: McDonald’s
New Hampshire: Taco Bell
New Jersey: Wendy's 
New Mexico: Sonic
New York: Wendy’s
North Carolina: McDonald’s
North Dakota: McDonald's
Ohio: Taco Bell
Oklahoma: Sonic
Oregon: Taco Bell
Pennsylvania: McDonald’s
Rhode Island: McDonald’s
South Carolina: Sonic
South Dakota: Culver’s
Tennessee: Sonic
Texas: Sonic
Utah: Wendy’s
Vermont: Taco Bell
Virginia: McDonald's
Washington: Wendy’s
West Virginia: Wendy’s
Wisconsin: Culver’s
Wyoming: Wendy’s

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