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Most popular Thanksgiving sides
Photograph: Zippia

This map highlights the most popular Thanksgiving sides in each state

Mashed potatoes reign supreme.

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is almost upon us?

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Although we're aware that Turkey Day isn't just about the food, we can't help but look forward to endless mashed potatoes, casseroles and all sorts of different stuffings each year. But, apparently, what we crave the most as a side dish to our turkey actually depends on the state that we live in.

Career website Zippia has set out to uncover the most popular side dish in each state across the country by looking at Google Trends and the results are pretty interesting. In addition to the specific area-by-area findings, the site came up with some curious factoids: In Alabama, for example, folks don't refer to it as "stuffing" but, rather, as "dressing;" mashed potatoes are the absolute most favorite side, topping the list across ten different states; mac 'n cheese is the second most popular entry, at number one across seven different states. In total, 47 states "want their sides carby, cheesy, potato-y" while only three prefer veggie-based options.

Above, look through the map highlighting the study's findings and, below, we reproduce a state-by-state breakdown. All of a sudden, we're feeling extremely hungry...

Alabama: Dressing
Alaska: Hashbrown casserole
Arizona: Green bean casserole
Arkansas: White gravy
California: Mashed potatoes
Colorado: Mashed potatoes
Connecticut: Mashed potatoes
Delaware: Mac 'n cheese
District of Columbia: Mac 'n cheese
Florida: Sweet potato casserole
Georgia: Mac 'n cheese
Hawaii: Turkey gravy
Idaho: Green bean casserole
Illinois: Mashed potatoes
Indiana: Deviled eggs
Iowa: Corn
Kansas: Cream corn
Kentucky: Broccoli casserole
Louisiana: Cornbread dressing
Maine: Side salad
Maryland: Mac 'n cheese
Massachusetts: Stuffing
Michigan: Green bean casserole
Minnesota: Mashed potatoes
Mississippi: Baked sweet potatoes
Missouri: Rolls
Montana: Mashed potatoes
Nebraska: Green bean casserole
Nevada: Mashed potatoes
New Hampshire: Cranberry sauce
New Jersey: Stuffing
New Mexico: Green bean casserole
New York: Stuffing
North Carolina: Mac 'n cheese
North Dakota: Mashed potatoes
Ohio: Green bean casserole
Oklahoma: Rolls
Oregon: Biscuits
Pennsylvania: Stuffing
Rhode Island: Stuffing
South Carolina: Mac 'n cheese
South Dakota: Crescent rolls
Tennessee: Sweet potato casserole
Texas: Green bean casserole
Utah: Rolls
Vermont: Stuffing
Virginia: Mac 'n cheese
Washington: Mashed potatoes
West Virginia: Rolls
Wisconsin: Mashed potatoes
Wyoming: Brown gravy

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