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Nina Katchadourian: Monument to the Unelected
Photograph: Pace Gallery

This weekend, stream a live feed of a Trump/Pence lawn sign being added to this graveyard for political signage

It's all part of a larger art project.

Written by
Anna Rahmanan

Since 2008, artist Nina Katchadourian has been enlisting the help of first-time voters in her ongoing project "Monument to the Unelected," a quasi graveyard of campaign signs for failed presidential candidates.

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Following this week's official election results, Katchadourian will be live-streaming the addition of a Trump/Pence sign across eight separate installations all over the United States. The sign will be the 59th to be included in the collection.

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The various exhibits are mounted across art destinations (Catharine Clark Gallery in San Francisco and Pace Gallery in New York, for example); private home lawns in Wisconsin and Arizona; Oakland's Roots Community Center; and outside former State Supreme Court Justice Shirley Abrahamson's home, among others.

The featured signs include ones for Kerry/Edwards (2004), McCain/Palin (2008), Romney/Ryan (2012) and more. 

Although designed by Katchadourian herself, all the ads actually look like the ones Americans see around the country during campaign season, printed on corrugated plastic sheets using the same methods as standard election signage.  This year in particular, the artist created two different potential pieces—one predicting a Joe Biden loss and another one assuming current President Trump's loss. 

To RSVP to Saturday's live installation update, scheduled on Zoom at 4pm EST, click right here. After inputting your information, you'll be sent a link for access.

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