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Time Out Market is landing in five cities in North America

Written by
Rocky Rakovic

For 50 years we, the editors of Time Out have curated the best food, drink and cultural experiences. Generations of the hip set have used Time Out to explore their cities and now, in cultural capitals you can go out to the Time Out Market where you will be immersed in the the bright lights of local culture.

Welcome to the first-ever dining and cultural concept, with food, drink and fun events hand-picked by our unbiased, expert editors. Using the same local critics and cool hunters who vet venues for our publications and websites, we’re bringing the city’s unmissable offerings and atmosphere under one roof—and in the case of our forthcoming New York City Market, to a rooftop with the best view in the five boroughs. We only considered chefs or restaurants for the market if they had already been given a stellar rating by our editorial team. The result: Before even one dish is served we know we have a five-star destination.

The concept has proven a winner in Lisbon where the first Time Out Market has become the number-one tourist attraction in the Portuguese capital in just three years, with about 3.6 million visitors in 2017 and more coming through the doors now to explore its 26 restaurants, eight bars and cafés, five shops and more cultural touchstones like dancing and cooking classes. It was only a matter of time before we would want to bring this same experience to many of the cultural capitals of the world, so Time Out Market is crossing the Atlantic to land in five North American cities in 2019: New York, Miami, Boston, Chicago and Montreal.

Now comes the fun part: While the team works on building out the massive spaces (like the 21,000-square-foot space coming to Brooklyn or the 17,500-square-foot spot headed to Miami), our editors are helping to decide what restaurants will make the cut—fitting in a few extra dinners in the name of research. While we can’t yet disclose the roster of star chefs who will be in the kitchens, we can assure you that the lineups are going to be stellar, highlighting the perfect mix from each city’s local food scene. Throw in some live music and art installations for culture and you’ve got a true taste of your next favorite place in the city.  

As we come closer to each Time Out Market’s launch, stay tuned for updates on which chefs will be getting a coveted spot, opening dates, events and more.

Check out our Lisbon Market to get a taste of things to come:

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