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Popeyes Cajun flounder sandwich
Photograph: Courtesy Popeyes

We tried Popeyes’ new fried fish sandwich to see how it stacks up

Can it compete with the chain's fan-favorite fried chicken sando?

Morgan Olsen
Written by
Morgan Olsen

Popeyes is hoping for a two-peat with its brand-new Cajun flounder sandwich, a fishy followup to its beloved fried chicken sandwich, which first debuted in 2019. Priced at $4.49, the handheld finds a crispy fish filet sandwiched inside a buttery brioche bun with a handful of pickles and a smear of tartar sauce. A press release promises "the flavor and crunch one would expect to find at a local dockside fish shack."

So, how's it taste? For a fast-food fish sandwich, it's solid. The flounder is mild, slightly flaky and inoffensive. Popeyes' classic Cajun seasoning gives the otherwise flavorless fish a nice hit of heat, but it's not too spicy for mild-mannered palettes. The one thing that falls flat is the crispy coating, which simply doesn't have enough crunch to it. By the time you get to the center of the sandwich, the filet's shell breaks down and becomes slightly mushy. The already-perfected brioche bun and thick, zippy pickles help matters, and the tartar sauce packs creamy, citrusy tang.

The verdict? You're better off sticking with the Popeyes' tried-and-true fried chicken sandwich, which boasts a thick, craggy, shatteringly crisp coating that holds its form from end to end. But hey, pescatarians and observers of Lent have a new fast-food option that far exceeds the competition's Filet-O-Fish.

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