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Miller Lite
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Win a free Miller Lite if you type out this very-long, 836-character URL

Courtesy of Miller Lite.

Anna Rahmanan
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Anna Rahmanan

Here's some fun-filled advertising-related drama to entertain you on the first Monday in February: a few days ago, low-cal beer brand Michelob Ultra teased its upcoming Super Bowl commercial. Today, rival Miller Lite—which, importantly, contains one more calorie than the first mentioned brand—released its competing program. Shots, you'll see, have officially been fired.

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Specifically, Miller Lite announced that it will be giving away free six packs to folks that can type out a 836-URL that has been "proven to burn the single calorie difference between [the company's] 96 calories and Michelob Ultra's 95 calories." Now that's creativity.

Before you get any ideas: the beer brand really wants you to burn that calorie and so it has made it nearly impossible to copy and paste the link. Which is why the URL is being released as an image across all sorts of media channels. Drinkers are encouraged to type the unbelievably long web address during Michelob Ultra's Super Bowl ad, which is happening this upcoming Sunday. 

The prize will be limited to the first 5,000 entries so you clearly have to be quick with your fingers. The actual award will come in the form of an $8 Venmo transfer from Miller Lite on Sunday. 

As far as advertising and marketing campaigns go, we have to admit this is a pretty clever (and witty) one. We suggest you start practicing your speed typing skills right about now.

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